Debate Text about Environment

It is my fist post using English language, and now i will post a debate text about environment, i will not speak more again, and this is it!

Healthy Environment, Healthy People
by : I Kadek Wijayanta

            Environment, yes it is the place where we live or do activity, for example is school.  There are much thing inside that, like plants, rocks, insects, and many more. Beside that, school is places where we study, and I believe much people go to the canteen when break to buy something. The most thing that student buy in the canteen is snack. Far as I know all snack wraps from plastic. So, the snack wrap is non organic thing, and it can’t be decomposed like leaf, fruit, rice, etc, but it needs more than 1000 years. And much people want a practice thing to throw the rubbish, so they throw it everywhere. Because of that, born a habit of throw the rubbish not in the right place because want a practice thing and much people think throw the rubbish in right place is a trivial thing, and they throw the rubbish everywhere without thinking about the damage of their action. Besides that, awareness of cleaning the rubbish is small. Can you think if all members throw one snack wrap not in the right place every day? And it is only in one school, if it happens in all schools or in all environments, how much rubbish in the environment? It will be very much. And what will happen with environment? Yes it will dirty, smell bad, and not comfortable. And besides that, I believe the environment will broke and contaminated with pollution because of the habit of school’s members. Not only can’t be decomposed fast like leaf or organic thing, the rubbish of non organic thing will release mechanical substance that can make pollution to the ground, water, air, etc and can make much problems, like the ground will not lush, and can make the plants and animal dead or will contaminated and make animals and plants poisonous, and if we eat that, we can sick, like stomachache, headache, itch, or it can make cancer. And if it contaminated air, it can disturb our respiration, and make us sick, like flu, narrow, and many more. Not only can make us sick, the pollution of the rubbish can make the ozone broke, and the ultraviolet can’t be hold by the ozone. And if it contaminated water, it can make living organisms that live in or around the water dead, and can make us sick if we eat that, or interact. And do you know there is Rubbish Island in Indonesia? I’m sure, and it’s in Jakarta. It can happen because of the habit of the people and the awareness of clean the rubbish is small. Not only pile of rubbish to be Rubbish Island, but it disturb the transportation and water distribution.
            Have you ever swim in the river? If me, I ever swim and play in the river, but when the river is clean, but now I never swim or play in the river, because it’s very dirty and contains waste. How about you, have same problem? I think you have same problem with me. Do you want the river clean again?
            To make the river clean or make healthy environment, we have to do simple action but do this every day and seriously. First, the main thing that we have to do is, grow awareness of healthy life. Second, we can start from throw the rubbish in the right place. Third, we have to clean the rubbish, for example if we want to clean our house, we can clean the house with our family to make it easily, if in the wide area we can do mutual cooperation. Fourth, we have to do program one man one tree to filter the pollution of air, water, and ground. Program one man one tree is a program of government to make every people plant tree, it same with go green. Fifth we can make the organic rubbish to be compost, and we can recycle, reuse, reduse  the nonorganic rubbish, and now many people make a machine to make the non organic rubbish especially plastic to be petroleum. Sixth we have to filter before we throw the waste. Seventh, we have to socialization to other people about healthy environment and how to make healthy environment. What I say, it’s simple, but now all in our hand, we do or not do. And now we know a little thing can make big effect if we don’t care and think about that. And it’s same with our works to solve the problems.

I hope this will help you :)


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